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Case study: EY 1 July 2014


The EY project started with the initial question of whether EY should MOVE or STAY in their current building. To answer this question, we first had to understand how EY works, their behaviour patterns, and the building usage. Read more

Think Drink Bar Introduction 1 July 2014


Introducing our very first THINK DRINK BAR at Savile Row!

It works like this…first up you have to THINK, and then after that you get to DRINK! (We thought we could do better than the usual ‘Lunch and Learn’!)

For our introductory THINK DRINK BAR, the THINK went something like this:
Anika and myself presented our recent trip to the USA where we visited Steelcase in Grand Rapids and also met with the Gensler Chicago office, and the Institute of Design in Chicago. (There was also a fair amount of Starbucks coffee drinking, craft beer tasting, shopping, art museum viewing and sightseeing!). Read more