Lusaka, Zambia

The Urban Hotel Group

The Urban Hotel was envisioned as an eclectic, African branded hotel group which would encompass characteristics of culture, class & contemporary design. The brand sought to celebrate youth culture & style with an eclectic, chic touch to accommodate travellers of all ages.

The Hotel would consist of high-end finishes and upmarket facilities such as a rooftop bar, gym, pool and restaurant all overlooking the surrounding city which would create an energetic and artistic vibes reminiscent of those found in famous destination cities abroad, while being comfortably suited to a local demographic.

Together with our client, Savile Row aimed to reconsider traditional public spaces and hotel rooms to rather encompass a more forward-thinking approach to the design of both public and private spaces. This encouraged bespoke design of the highest quality, paying full attention to all details, textures and colour palettes to ultimately enhance the visitor experience.


The Urban Hotel Group

Year completed

Design Proposal


Lusaka, Zambia




4140 sqm


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