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The Work Revolution 2.0

6 months have elapsed since our  “Work from Home” survey was carried out after the South African lockdown in April 2020. We subsequently decided the timing was right for a follow up survey, to investigate if people’s views on working from home have altered, or if they have remained much the same.

Additionally we decided to add other expert voices and viewpoints to the conversation. This time we have collaborated with Adams & Adams who look at the legal and intellectual property considerations of working from home, and People Beyond who cover the human behavioural factors in this new world of work.

Over the last 6 months and with our follow up survey we’ve been fortunate to gain incredible insights and ideas about how we can blend the best of the work from home experience with a reimagined workplace of the future. Whether it is a “hybrid office” made up of a combination of home and physical office, or “work near home”/ neighbourhood / ”spoke” spaces linked to a central “hub” office, it must cultivate a feeling of connectedness. We once again hope this research will assist organisations with useful information to enable them to make better strategic real estate and future work style policy decisions.

At Savile Row, what matters most to us is to continue to remain relevant to our clients by continuing with research to determine what the design and function of the future workplace will be.

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