Yum! Office, Johannesburg, South Africa

Just imagine if an office resembled a pair of beloved blue jeans...

Savile Row was involved in the design and development of a workplace strategy as well as a new office interior fit out for YUM’s new head office. YUM embraced the idea of “activity-based work” and “hot desking”, allowing Savile Row to introduce them to new and exciting workspaces such as the town hall concept, team huddle spaces, focus booths and pause areas which in turn encouraged increased productivity and collaboration.

One of the key objectives for Savile Row was to also create an office environment that would embody the authentic, comfortable, welcoming and inspiring nature of the YUM brand. The design intent was for YUM’s new office to resemble a pair of blue jeans; something that is comfortable, makes you feel at home and develops character over time through wear and tear.

- Photographs by Sarah de Pina


Year completed

Bryanston, Johannesburg

Workplace Strategy, Interior Architecture & Planning

3,000 sqm

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